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[DA] Zenya4 SupportOwner posted Jan 8, 18


A Cracked Skyblocks-Survival Server


Ham5teak is a cracked Skyblocks - Survival server. We have many awesome stuff such as custom enchantments, custom-generated worlds, a great community, and much more! There are also many awesome structures such cool PvP arenas, awesome minigames and an epic spawn world, all built by our dedicated team.


Survive on an island with limited resources...


Feel like playing Skyblocks on Ham5teak? We have many cool stater islands handcrafted by our talented builders. From small to large, each of these islands has their own unique theme and are of various difficulties. To try them out, use /island in-game and start your very own island. We also have a custom-ore generator, which randomly spits out ores when you mine from a cobblestone generator. You can invite players to your island, or even open it up to the public!


Survive in our epic custom-generated Survival world...


We also have an entire custom-made world dedicated to Survival. Everything there is entirely natural and extremely realistic. You can forage for resources, farm and even loot treasure chests! It really adds a new dimension the boring classic Survival. From ravines to mountain peaks, everything is custom-made by our plugin and is entirely different from the classic Vanilla. You can also get breathtaking views if you use shaders on Ham5teak. Trees, mountains, and rivers there are tweaked and amplified to give players the most realistic, fun and unique Survival experience.

More Info

More information about the server...


We are still a relatively new server, so we hope that you can support us by joining. The Owner is from Singapore and we welcome all fellow Singaporeans, or anyone else who plays Minecraft to come along. Join the server now, and trust me that you'll probably enjoy it!

IP: play.ham5teak.xyz [For the Minecraft server]
Website: http://www.ham5teak.xyz [You most probably know this already...]
Discord: https://discord.gg/H5VCj2Q [We will announce new features and such here]

Thanks for your time!